Traffic Bandit: An Unbiased Review

A full Unbiased review of Traffic Bandit is available on this page!

Creator of Traffic Bandits

While doing my research on this guy, he come up with quite a cred. I wonder how i missed him, must be a quite one. "Scott Rewick is one of the most prolific media buyers and online business builders that most people have never heard of , don't take my word for it check this out.. Scott profile.
This guy is A-list. He used to be CEO of AdEx, and Co founder of Cranker Media. On this guy's profile alone i think traffic Bandit is worth all the Money.


 Traffic Bandits: Mastering Media Buys

I have always argued that traffic is the life blood of internet marketing, a marketer with traffic can sell absolute gabbage for himself. I'd rather Broker traffic for cheap & free anyday than set up highly sophisticated sites for my products. And For the First time we will be privy to the success strategy of 5 of the internet most successful traffic Gurus. Scott Rewick brings you case study of these successful internet marketers in what he calls the "traffic Bandits".

He dubbed these guys 'bandits' because they have come from humble beginnings to snatch up ridiculous amount of online booty. In Traffic Bandit; the course, He makes clear case studies of these 5 bandits and how you can reverse engineer, copy all that they have done to become highly successful marketers that they are today.

The Internet course is not just for anybody, believe me, this is for serious minded marketers, experienced marketers. I doubt if noobies will be able to follow. But Believe me, you wouldn't be a noobie anymore once you have gone through these case studies;

Revealing the inner workings of 5 of the most successful media buyers on the planet:

  • Mr. K - Zero to $80 Million Profit in 2 Years!
  • Mr. P - $5 Million Profit In 3 Months With Blogs & Media
  • Mr. J - 300,000 email addresses per day plus $100 million T/O
  • Mr. D - Spends $50k per day for his high volume (high converting) online clients 
  • Mr. S - Zero to multi-thousand dollar ad buys in months

It doesn't end with these case studies, you will be hosted to private Webinars, and lots of archived interviews of scott revealing more of what makes him a successful traffic bandit.
-An in depth 50 page , guide on how each one of these bandits achieved their success.
-5 full length videos going into even greater detail.
-Live webinar training on specific techniques used. 

I score: Traffic Bandits

Creator: Excellent
Uniqueness: Very Good
Price: Good
Transparency P/P : Good (would score more when i know who his case studies are)

Beyond Traffic Bandits

Call this a Charity Call; if you ever need help with your internet marketing experience Email me and i will be glad to Help you.

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